Steve Gates

Steve is a 5th year senior at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, going for majors in computer science, computer engineering, & electrical engineering, with a minor in math.

Internships: L-3 Communications, defense contractor: was tasked with streamlining communications with (17) different operating systems, including their unmanned drones. Job completed

Summer of 2013 took an internship with Raven Industries, created and coded a circuit board for their GPS-enabled farm equipment, streamlining the initial setup when installing the GPS into tractors, sprayers, etc. Job completed.

Dakota Sportsmen TV’s in-house computer guru, graphics consultant, Dave’s editing assistant and sounding board.

“Chief cook, and bottle washer” when it comes to discussions concerning website information, computer operations, and pulling Dave’s “bacon out of the fire” when he messes up his editing computer.